What's Minerva

Our Minerva software allows to accurately diagnose the Stroke and predict the evolution of the infarcted patient, as well as to adequately control the episodes of fever and hyperthermia to initiate the correct treatments in the early stages of the disease.

Minerva's Benefits

Minerva is able to show the temperature of the brain in a non-invasive way, since it does not require any surgical intervention for it. The process for obtaining the temperature is applicable within the usual routine clinic for stroke patients.

Reduction in mortality of 10% (estimated based on clinical experience) and in a 20% reduction in the intensity of the sequelae (estimated based on clinical experience).

Minerva offers a substantial improvement for the patient and the reduction of their average hospital stay in 2 days (the average hospital stay is 6.54 days with a hospital cost of € 12,000), an economic saving of € 3,600 per patient.


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